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What is Proteus?
What is Proteus?
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Proteus is an intuitively designed, easy-to-use project management software for winning, planning, and managing projects. It is used internationally by teams that charge out their time, equipment, and other resources. It is a single, unified system taking projects from the opportunity evaluation stage, through tendering proposal and planning to project execution and completion.

Cloud-based, low-cost, and secure, Proteus is used by teams from oil and gas, renewables, infrastructure, and large capital investment sectors working on complex engineering projects.

Proteus is unique because it is designed to simplify the way projects are run, connecting all key workflows and data sets, and providing better visibility and control. From evaluating project opportunities to closing out invoices and everything in between, Proteus provides a single intuitive interface, integrating with existing systems, and simplifying every workflow.

Proteus helps companies win business and increase their profits through well-managed margins.

Proteus is simple to get, simple to set up, and simple to use. Proteus makes work simplified.

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