Quite a lot you might think.  However, in the Proteus world we have blurred the lines. Yes you can be a Company with 10,000 employees, using Proteus 24 hours a day to run your business, engaging freelancers and contractors and using every little nook and cranny of Proteus.  

Yes, you can be a freelancer who is on Proteus solely managing your profile and looking for a project.


Q: When is a freelancer not a freelancer?

A: When they want to look like a company.

For a small monthly fee, a freelancer can get access to the majority of Proteus features. Therefore allowing them to engage other freelancers - or in other words - operate as a virtual company.

Q: When is a company not a company?

A: When they have spare resource?

If a company has spare resource they can advertise this resource on the Marketplace and get them engaged as a 'freelancer'. Or in other words they maximize their utilization and hence their revenue.

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