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Does Proteus work in any sector?
Does Proteus work in any sector?
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Maybe not any sector, but definitely across multiple sectors. We designed Proteus to be used by consultancies and engineering companies that sell or rent equipment, and software. If your business runs projects and follow some or all of the following work cycle then Proteus will work for you:

  1. Search for and evaluate opportunities

  2. Develop proposals

  3. Deliver a project (selling manhours, software, hardware, or whatever you want)

  4. Invoice, closeout

  5. Repeat

    You can change the terminology to suit your industry and company so that any of the above stages matches your work cycle.

Read this article on how Proteus fills in gaps to understand how we feel Proteus fits in companies that work on complex engineering projects.

If you have an asset, a person, or a piece of equipment or software that you supply to an operator or developer, you can use Proteus to improve your margins and make your work more efficient.

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