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How do I configure Proteus?
How do I configure Proteus?
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This is one of the beautiful features of Proteus. You can do this without a programmer. You can do this without us. You can do it during your lunch break.  Okay, that last bit is maybe a bit of a wee white lie. You can be up and running with all the defaults super quick, however, the more effort you put in while setting up, the more value you get out.  And don’t worry - we will be there to help you.  If you want, we will send a Proteus specialist to work with you or if you prefer we can guide you through it on the phone. We recommend the personal touch - just saying. Find out more about our free onboarding service on our customer success page.

If you would prefer to do a free trial to have a bit of a play-around, that is no problem. Contact our customer success team on our contact page and they will help you create a company account. You will have to spend a little bit of time setting up your details in the Admin Console first. You will then be able to invite members in and see what Proteus can do for your business. Remember, Proteus uses data that you enter as the basis of any record in Opportunities, Proposals, or Projects.

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