What is it?

The General Settings section within the Admin Console, is where you enter all the essential information for your company.

Basic Information:

  • Essential information: Legal name, registered primary address..

  • Region Setting: Timezone, date and time format, currency and local tax %..

Invoice Settings:

  • Reference numbers: Company number, tax registration number, VAT number, UTR.

  • Bank Details: Name, Address, Account Number, BIC/Swift Code, IBAN..

  • Payment terms: e.g. number of days..

This information, as all data in the Admin Console, is only accessible and editable by the Company Admin and remains secure at all times.

Why is it needed?

This information is used across all Proteus modules: all users’ Proteus accounts will be assigned the same settings, from time zone to payment terms. The details entered here are automatically pulled into document templates such as proposals and invoices. This means you can guarantee consistency across the business.

Once you have entered the information once, it will not have to be done again, though it can be edited at any time by the Company Admin.

How do you edit?

Basic information

  1. Complete each field by typing in the text boxes. Please ensure all fields are filled

  2. Select your timezone, time and date formats and currency by selecting an option from the drop down menu.

  3. Enter the local tax rate by typing the relevant percentage in numbers e.g. 20% for the UK.

  4. Click ‘Save’.

Invoice settings

  1. Click ‘Invoice setting’ subheading.

  2. Complete each field by typing in the text boxes. If the field is not applicable or leave blank.

  3. To enter the payment terms type the number of days in numbers.

  4. Click Save.

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