What is it?

The Users section within the Admin Console, is where you manage users access.

Subheadings include:


  • Add, Edit or Deactivate members


  • Edit, Re-invite or delete members


  • Edit or reactivate members

There are five different user roles on Proteus which control the amount of access you have on the platform:

Why is it needed?

Everyone who uses Proteus is a ‘user’ of some description. Proteus is charged ‘per user’ whether that is a Company user or a freelancer.

Freelancers will receive their own personal login for their own use and will also receive a user login from any Companies they are doing work with through Proteus.

How do you edit?

Add users

Simply add the user's email address and specify if they are a Freelancer, which office they will belong to and what level of access they will have to the system.

Users will;

  • Receive a welcome email from Proteus.

  • Click the ‘Setup Your Account’ button. You will be taken to the registration form.

  • Complete your details and create a password.

  • Please ensure you click the Verify Account button.

Deactivate user

  1. When a team member leaves the project and no longer works in the company, their account should be deactivated. Users can only be deactivated by the Company Admin.

  2. If you are a Company Admin: In the Admin Console, go to Users and select the name of the user you need to change. Click the three buttons on the right and select Deactivate. You will be asked to confirm deactivation.

  3. A deactivated company account can only be changed by the Company Admin.

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