What is it?

The Languages & Labels section within the Admin Console, enables a company to customise the following aspects of Proteus:

Subheadings include:


  • Configure your own terminology for business terms against Proteus default terminology.

Custom Fields:

  • Throughout Proteus there are forms allowing you to enter data. Custom fields allows you to add your own field to a form and configure what data is entered into this field.

Why is it needed?

Every company is different. The Language & Labels section really helps a company feel familiar with Proteus: this is where you can change the labelling to match the systems your company currently uses.

How do you edit?

Edit Terminology

  1. Place the cursor opposite the default label in the 'Modified' column. The text 'Add value here' will appear.

  2. Type the new value.

  3. Click ‘return’.

  4. Multiple labels can be edited and they will remain in the draft status. This means they have not been changed throughout your Proteus.

  5. To change throughout your Proteus click ‘Publish’.

The terminology can be changed back to the original by:

  1. Individually by clicking the Back to Default text in the appropriate row.

  2. Universally by clicking the Back to Default All button at the top.

Add Custom Fields

Click ‘+ Add New’.

Type the ‘Field Name’.

  1. Add a 'Descriptor' if required. This is in note form.

  2. Set the 'Type' of entry. Proteus allows three types of field; Text, Number or Date. By selecting the appropriate type, the user will be required to enter the information in the correct format.

  3. Select the 'Module' will be added to. Proteus allows you to add a field to the Company, Contract, Opportunity, Proposal or Project form.

  4. Check the 'Required' box if you want to make this information compulsory.

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