What is it?

The Timesheets and Expenses section within the Admin Console, is where you define parameters of how you record and track the time spent on projects.

Subheadings include:


  • Working Information & Non-billable categories and codes


  • Non-Billable Expenses and codes

Why is it needed?

Timesheets and Expenses are essential to be able to track and record how much time each team member spends on a project. It can also be used for client billing, payroll and project management.

By entering the necessary information you allow the team members to record their Timesheets and book in any expenses incurred or bill back to the client.

How do you edit?


  1. Select your time in units, for example hours, minutes.

  2. Select the Minimum Chargeable Time Unit, for example you can change your team for half or quarter hour.

  3. Select your working weekdays.

  4. Enter the hours you expect your team to work.

  5. Enter the Target Utilisation Percentage - this is the percentage of productive time a worker needs to spend in order to hit company targets.

  6. Enter the Margin Tolerance Percentage - this is the difference between the estimated and the actual.

  7. Click ‘Save’.

Non-Billable Categories and Codes

  1. Enter the expenses that you will allow your team to enter time towards and the client can not be billed for.


  1. Click ‘Expenses’ at the top of the page.

  2. Enter any Non-billable expenses and create codes - these are expenses that you employees can claim back however the client will not be charged.

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