What is it?

The Billing & Licensing Section, within the Admin Console, is where you manage the number of licenses required and keep track of all invoices from Proteus.

Why is it needed?

A licence is required for every user. The number of users you can add, is capped to the number of licenses you have. Once you have reached this cap, you will not be able to add any new users and instead will be redirected to the Billing and Licensing section to purchase more Licenses.

Likewise inactive licenses can be removed in the billing and licensing section by reducing the number of Licenses, so that you are not being charged for licences you are not using.

The invoices page gives you access to all your invoices form Proteus. Any changes in the number of licences is automatically reflected here.

How do you edit?

Getting started

  1. Find ‘Billing & Licensing’ on the Left hand side menu in the Admin Console.

  2. When you click ‘Billing & Licensing’ it will take you to a list of 5 titles that you must go through and fill in the necessary information. Once you have filled in all the information for the first 3 titles you are able to purchase your licenses.

Filling out the information

The first title ‘Billing Information’ Is where you enter the Company Address information Once you have entered the valid info into the system press save, which will save the info and also allow you to move onto the next title.

The next title ‘Billing Method’ is where you enter the information of whoever has authority to purchase the license on your organisation's behalf. Once you press next

after filling out the info it will take you to part 2 of the billing method where you will have to fill out your company's card details. Once you’ve done that save and move onto the next stage choosing your license plan.

The next title ‘License Plan is where you will have to choose either monthly or annual

payment plan. There are set prices for British Pounds, American Dollars, and Australian Dollars.

Once choosing one of the plans it will take you to the purchase license page. To be able to use the system you must have current

licenses the same number as current active users, if you have no current active users all you have to do is enter the amount in Additional licenses. Once you're happy with the amount of licenses you have then click purchase now to proceed with your purchase.

Once you have made your purchase it will show the order in the ‘Invoice’ title where you will be able to click on the name of the invoice to get a PDF of your invoice. Also if you don't change the number of licenses you are choosing to purchase when a recurring payment is due you can just click pay now.

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