What is it?

The offices section of the Admin Console allows the Company Admin to; Add, Clone, Edit, Delete and Deactivate offices

Why is it needed?

Many Companies have Offices in different locations, therefore it is often advantageous to set up multiple offices through Proteus. Creating an Office is the first task that has to be completed before any Admin Console data can be added, i.e Structure and Assets, Timesheet and Expenses, Users etc.

The ability to clone saves time, as it copy all details in admin console of selected office and you can then edit any nuances of the new office

How do you edit?

Add a new office

Select Offices in the Admin Console. Navigate to the ‘Add New' option.

Fill in the fields required depending on the location of the Office.

Once the Office has been created, the Company Admin will now be able to input all the Admin Console data available, to the specific Office. You can select which Office you want to input data to by clicking on the drop down arrow at the top left of the Admin Console homepage .

Clone a New Office

On the Offices section, navigate to the 'Clone' option to the right of the screen.

Add Office Name i.e Houston. Select the Office from where you would like to clone the new Office from. By doing this, all the data from the original Office will be copied to the new Office. All data that is transferred to the new Office will still be able to be edited accordingly.

The new Office will now appear alongside any existing Offices and the User will be able to toggle between Offices.

Edit, delete or deactivate an Office

On the Offices section, navigate to the 3 vertical dots located to the right hand side of the page and click on them. This will bring up options to edit, clone, delete or deactivate an Office.

  1. 'Edit' option allows general changes to be made to the Office, i.e Office address etc.

  2. 'Delete' an Office deletes the Office and all the data associated with it.

  3. If an Office is going to be deactivated, an option will appear allowing the user to 'Transfer Data' or 'Deactivate Data'.

  4. By selecting Transfer Data, this allows all the data from the Office that is going to be deactivated, to be transferred to an alternative Office.

  5. By selecting 'Deactivate Data' this will move the Office to the Deactivated Offices section. Note- the office will save all the data it was previously populated with so if the Office is reactivated at any point, all the data will still be present.

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