What is it?

The opportunity section allows you to record any business enquiries or recommendations. It will appear on your dashboard to remind you of the lead, also any further action that may be needed. 

Why is it Needed?

It is important to store any potential client or business recommendations, this function allows you to quickly store:  

How to you Edit

  1. You will find ‘Opportunities’ at the right hand side of the screen.

  2. When you click ‘Opportunities’ it will take you to the below screen where you can add, edit, clone and delete.

Create a New Opportunity 

  1. Click the ‘Create Opportunity’ button.

  2. Complete each field by typing in the text boxes. Please ensure all fields are filled.

  3. Select the company from the drop down menu. Please ensure you have added the organisation's name to your company list.

  4. Complete the Opportunity and information.

  5. Select our office and rep by selecting an option from the drop down menu. 

  6. Complete the next steps ensuring everything is completed.

  7. Click ‘Create Opportunity’

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