What is it?

A business proposal is a document you would send out to potential clients outlining the services you are offering them.

Subheadings within this section includes:


  • A CTR is the tasks involved in achieving the job or service. Enter as much relevant detail, adding the estimated team resources, software and equipment requirements and any billable expenses. All the data in these fields will be automatically dropped into the proposal document template when you come to build the final document. This is where you can book hours to each department and grade for that project.


  • Build an organogram chart to add the key team members you are proposing to do the job/service. You can select the team and assign a role, add as many members as the job needs.

Project Plan:

  • The project plan allows you to define how to complete the project within a certain time frame The plan also serves as a tool for keeping everyone associated with the projection track and focusing on the same details and information.


  • The proposal document builder within Proteus allows you to create bespoke content specific to you clients. There are 3 different options within the file section:

File Upload - This allows you to upload any documents you have already saved to your computer and store within the cloud system.

Add Folder - This allows you to create folders for specific clients, projects and store together for easier access.

Create Document - This feature allows you to create new documents to suit your clients needs.

Why is it Needed?

It is important clients receive a detailed description of how your company will perform the service and the costs involved. Also, having clear outlined objectives and goals will allow you to monitor the business performance

How do you Edit?

  1. You will find ‘Proposals’ at the right hand side of the screen.

  2. When you click ‘Proposals’’ it will take you to the below screen where you can add, edit, clone and delete.

Create New Proposal

  1. Click the ‘Create Proposal’ button.

  2. Enter the Proposal title.

  3. Select the representative that will be assigned to the project.

  4. Enter a brief description outlining the main features.

  5. Select the Company the project will be with and the Contract - please note you must create a contact before a proposal is built.

  6. Select the type of Contract and Office.

  7. Tick the Billing Type and Bid Type.

  8. Select the Due Date and click ‘Create Proposal’.

Create a CTR Series

  1. Once in the proposal the first stage is to add CTRs.

  2. Click the blue ‘Add CTR Series button’ and type in your title. This will generate your CTR Series number where you can add CTR’s to that series.

  3. Click ‘Add CTR’ in the series you just created.

  4. Populate all boxes with Title, Scope, Input and deliverables. It will automatically generate who is preparing the CTR.

  5. You then have 5 sections you can add to your series; Resources, Software, Equipment, Expenses and other.

  6. To add a cost simply populate with the information you need from the drop downs on each section also adding how many hours. This will come from the rates inputted in the contracts section.

  7. To add another line simply click the blue ‘+’ on the right hand side. To delete, simply click the 3 circles on the left of your line.

  8. Complete all the relevant sections you wish to add to that series and click ‘Save’ at the top.

  9. You can then add more CTR’s to that series but repeating the above steps.

  10. To add another series simply click ‘Add CTR Series’ and repeat the process.

  11. Once you are happy with all your Series you can add these to your proposal on the document editor.

Create Team Organogram

Once in the proposal page click on the ‘team’ heading page.

Add your first team member by using the + sign.

When adding your team please start at management level. Please note - when adding your team click the arrows according to who the team members report to.

Once complete click ‘Publish’ this will allow you to pull through the company organogram to any document you create.

Create Project Plan

  1. Click ‘Schedule’.

  2. Enter the dates you want the CTR to start and end.

  3. You will then see the timeline for each CTR.

Creating a Proposal Document

There are 4 options to choose from in the document creator:

  • Letter

  • Note

  • Proposal

  • Report

Getting Started:

By clicking the + and selecting the template of your choice, the system opens up the document editor. The initial steps allow you to create a front cover and cover page, if necessary, then you can add text boxes by clicking the + below every text box to add sections.

The Front Cover will automatically pull through the company information, proposal title and reference number. Here you can add the company logo and cover image.

The Contents Page can be created to suit your document, you can do this by highlighting the content bar and choosing the + to add sections. The option is there to choose your heading format.

Editing the Proposal:

The document builder is simple to use and simple to set up your desired design. The edit box below shows you the different options to format.

If a section needs to be deleted/moved there is an option at the right hand side of the text box. Highlight the selected box and choose the options as shown here.

Adding Information:

An amazing feature of the Proposal Builder, it allows you to pull through information you have already entered into your Proteus: CTRs, CV’s, Project Plan. Not only does this save on time management but it creates professional structured documents to send to clients.

You can do this by clicking the + at the bottom of the text box. The ‘pop up’ as shown below will appear there, you have the options available, you can still add and edit these while in the proposal document.

The options available are:

Text: As mentioned above you can add a new text box at any time. Please Note: When adding an image or table you must click the ‘+’ to create a separate text box to allow the proper formatting

CTR Summary: This will be a summary of all the CTR series you added

CTR Catalogue: A cost breakdown of each CTR line you added to each series including summaries and notes

Organogram: This will be from the team that you published

Personnel CVs: You can pull these from your team members who have added their CV’s to their profiles

Project Plan: The project plan you created and published

Finished Product:

Once you have finished editing your proposal there is an option in the right hand corner to view as a document. Here you can see your full layout and export into a PDF or option of your choice. Once exported you can see the professional end product which is tailored to suit your client. With proper formatting, headers and footers the document builder is seamless. There is always the option to go back and edit your proposal at any time.

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