What is it?

Projects are at the heart of Proteus.  A project is created when a proposal has been accepted and a contract has been agreed. The new project sets out the scope of work, budget and resource required to complete a piece of work.  It also sets out the various stages and allows the project leader to see immediately the status of the project.

On Proteus the projects field is where you can instantly access all the projects which have been created.  It gives an overview of the projects with status and also allows you to create new projects.

Why is it Needed?

The project dashboard allows the user to see at a glance what projects have been created and where they are in terms of activity.  It allows the user to create new projects and to drill deeper into existing projects to see exactly where the project is in terms of resource, time and financial resources.  This is essential in project management both from a resource and finance perspective.

How do you Edit?

If you want to create a new project then you can click on the blue ‘create project’ button which will take you to a set up project screen where you can add a new project.

Complete all the information required and this will save as a new project. Note that there must be a contract and Company set up previously in order to set up a new project. The project can be visible to all or only to certain individuals depending on the requirements.

Once the project has been set up it will appear on the dashboard.

Clicking on the drop down under Projects allows you to filter how you see the screen - you can choose from  - all, active, complete, cancelled or closed out which will filter the project view.

The search bar at the top allows you to search for a particular project by number, name etc

Clicking the 3 dots at the end of the project lines allows you to view, add the project to the dashboard or close out the project.

If you need to see the full project detail then clicking on the project you want to see will bring up the full dashboard screen.  This shows the details of that project.  Progress, team, budget, files, resource as seen below. 

The Project Management tab allows you to add CTR’s, variations, purchase orders and updates.  Simply click the blue Add CTR Series, purchase order or progress report buttons to add new.

The Files tab allows you to upload any pertinent information to the project.  Drawings, previous correspondence etc.

Once a project has been closed down or finished the status button shown here in green can be clicked and changed to notify the status.

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