What is it?

Tracking is the section of Proteus where users can track timesheets, software usage, equipment and expenses. This allows project managers to see exactly where a project stands in terms of financial and resource requirements.

Subheadings include:

  • Timesheets

  • Software

  • Equipment

  • Expenses

  • Utilisation

Why is it needed?

To allow project managers sight of time and equipment usage throughout and project to allow them to budget accordingly.

How do you edit?

When you click on the ‘Tracking’ tab it opens a new page as under-noted. Each project is listed with the team members on that project. The team members must be added when the project is first set up but can be added later if more join the project.


When a user is required to input time spent on a project they click the project name and task. They then input the number of hours in the appropriate box and submit the timesheet which will be approved by the project manager.

If every day is the same and every week is also the same then clicking the copy previous week will automatically input the figures as the previous week. Note that the users must be set up on the team section of a project to be able to submit a timesheet.


To allow for tracking of time you spend at work engaged in a non-money making activity there is the option to add expenses in order to compensate workers. Please note that all expense information and time tracking must be entered correctly in the Admin Console, please refer to 2.4 for further details.

How to approve time

To approve time in tracking (timesheets), you must either be the Project Manager appointed by a Company administrator or be a Company administrator. If you are one of the two you can approve time other users assign for themselves. To do so you must first click Tracking on the left sidebar of the Proteus dashboard this will take you to a screen like this;

Once you are on this you must click on the Approver button which will take you to the approve/approve page.

When you arrive onto this page you can click the pointed down arrows on the left side of each project to see the time users have selected for themselves, once approved you can then click on the approved button at the bottom of the page. You can either click approve by each day or approve the whole week. Keep in mind that if you approve the time you cannot go back and change it. You can however change the time before you approve it.

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