Create a Company account

  • Visit the website

  • This will take you to Xergy website's homepage

  • You will need to go to the hyperlink 'Pricing' at the top of the page

  • Once your there it shall take you to a range of pricing/account setup choices

  • Next you can choose to create your account by clicking on the hyperlink 'Create account'.

Note : It does not matter which link you choose here, this is purely to make you aware of the choices/benefits between the different payment plans you can make later on once you have created your account.

  • When you have clicked on create account you will be taken to to the sign up page.

  • When you have entered the correct information make sure to click the box agreeing with terms of service. Once you have done that click next.

  • Once you are on this page make sure to enter the correct information (Referral code doesn't need to be filled, however if you do have one please make sure to enter it) and once that has been done click next.

Note : You cannot change your company domain name again after this so make sure this is correct.

  • After entering company details and clicking next you will be taken to this page. Your account has now been created and all thats left is to click 'Go to your account' and proceed with the setup of your account.

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