What detail of rates can be input to Proteus?

There are three types of rates you can enter into Proteus.

  • Average cost rates to your company, at a position level

  • Charge out rates to you clients, at a position level

  • Actual cost rate to your company, based on actual resource used.

Refer to below table to see where these rates are entered (so you can refer to correct section for instructions to add relevant rates and what visibility each user level has;

Where is VAT applied and can you edit VAT rate?

Charge out rates, entered in ‘Contracts’ and applied to ‘Proposals’/’Projects’, should be excluding VAT.

VAT is only applied to premium at the invoicing stage. Refer to the table below to see where VAT is applied.

When generating any invoice the standard VAT you have defined in the ‘Admin Console’ will automatically pull through. You still have the option to edit this on the invoice in two ways

  • Untick TAX box on each line item that VAT is applicable to

  • Overwrite standard VAT rate and apply specific rate underneath subtotal on bottom of invoice

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