What is it?

My Profile section, within your profile drop down, is where you will set up your personal profile including all your work related details, job title, skills and qualifications and your CV.

Subheadings within this section include:

Initial Information:

  • Basic information: Name, Contact details, Picture, location, languages, skills, job title, qualifications and company contact details.


  • Profile summary or executive summary. Employment history, Education and Certificates.

Why is it needed?

This information is used across Proteus to link your profile to projects and your CV to proposals. It only needs to be added once, it can be edited at any time by yourself or the Company Admin.

How do you edit?

Once clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen the menu will appear allowing you to click ‘My Profile’.

Initial Information?

  1. Complete each field by typing in the text boxes. Please ensure all fields are filled.

  2. Upload your picture by clicking ‘upload’.

  3. To add extra language simply click the + button and select from the drop down menu.

  4. To add extra skills simply click the + button and type in your relevant skills and click return.

  5. Continue to complete each field by typing in the text boxes..


  1. Type brief personal/executive summary.

  2. Add employment history starting with the first employer to your current. Click +Add Employment

  3. Add your Education by clicking +Add Education

  4. Click ‘Save’.

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