What is it?

The References section within the Admin Console, allows your company to assign unique key values specific to your clients or to your company.

Subheadings include:


  • Staff, Company, Contract, Proposal, Project and Progress Report


  • Proposal, Report, Note and Letter

Why is it needed?

Referencing is crucial for any company to ensure traceability, it ensures that you will never lose track of documents or projects. Proteus allows you to create unique references which can include: text, sequential numbers and separator.

How do you edit?

Edit Database Number

  1. There is already a formula in place, however you can delete and start again according to your current or client number system. Note you can only use the sequential number once.

  2. Simply click add a new element to add any more information or click the ‘X’ to delete.

  3. For example; UK-S-100 for staff, UK-P-10000 for proposals for a UK office. You can then change the first element for an office in a different country and so on.

  4. Click save below the format in order to correctly save all information.

Options available

Edit Document Number:

  1. Again, there is a formula in place but you can delete and format to best suit your needs.

  2. By clicking on the add element you can add Text, Sequential Number, separator and Revision Identifier.

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