What is it?

The Company Settings section within the Admin Console, is where you save your company logo, registered name and no reply settings.

Subheadings include:

Basic information:

  • Company logo and registered name.

Proteus emails:

  • Personalise no reply email address (when sending proposals, documents and invoices via proteus) from default ‘noreply@proteus-work.com’ to your own email settings, e.g. ‘noreply@xergy.com’.

  • SPTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Why is it needed?

Company logo and registered name entered here is what pulls through to proteus and will appear when generating documents and templates. Single point entry, saves time and ensures consistency across all literature.

How do you edit?

  1. Click ‘upload’.

  2. Choosed the JPEG image of your choice.

  3. Click ‘Save’.

Add Company Name

  1. Type the name of your company.

  2. Click ‘Save’.

Personalise no reply email address

  1. Click ‘Proteus email’ sub heading.

  2. Complete each field by typing in the text boxes. Ensure all fields are completed.

  3. Click ‘Save’.

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