What is it?

The ‘Bring your own storage’ Section, within the admin console, is an optional feature that allows clients to provide their own cloud storage provider.

A company can “plug-in” their existing cloud storage provider API credentials, which allow Proteus to integrate directly with them. So when a user uploads a file to Proteus, we’re actually uploading it to their provider. When a new file is created in Proteus, we’re actually creating it within your provider.

Note Dropbox and Amazon Web Service (AWS) are currently configured, please reach out to your sales rep to enquire about other cloud based systems integration.

Why is it needed?

By integrating with your own storage solution you are allowing proteus to access your data rather than store your data. Which is beneficial as you

  • Choose a cloud provider of your choosing

  • They can choose a region with those providers of where they want the data to live

  • Saves time removing need to uploading documents

  • Manage storage restrictions, as its your own cloud system storage cap

  • If/when you want to move on from Proteus, you already have access independently to your files

How do you edit?

Add Bring Your Own Storage

  1. Click Bring Your Own Storage Tab in the Admin Console.

  2. Choose from the drop down menu the system you want to integrate.

  3. Fill in all relevant information.

  4. You will receive an Authorization Token/Access Data from your provider.

  5. Simply enter and connect your storage device.

  6. Click ‘Save’.

DropBox Example

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

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