What is it?

The team section is where all employees/contractors contact details will be stored along with their CV’s.

Why is it needed?

It is needed as it is a centralised location for users to upload and edit their CV in order to be added to a proposal document. Also shows the user level and which office your colleagues belong to. Furthermore, within each user’s profile the actual cost rate of that employee will be entered here. When adding a member to a CTR within the project section the actual cost of the member of staff doing the job will allow you to project your actual margin vs the estimated cost. This is highly confidential and only company admin have access.

How do you Edit?

Should you wish to edit the team section, if you have Company Admin, you can do so on the Admin Console. Please refer to section 2.6. If you do not have company admin you can simply view your colleagues profile or add their CV to a proposal document.

Actual/Hourly cost rates

To add your Actual cost rate you must go into Team from the navigation bar on the left of your screen. Once in Team select the profile (person) you wish to add an actual cost rate to by clicking the three dotted lines on the right of Date created. When you arrive at your selected profile you should see Hourly cos.; Finally enter the chosen cost.

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