What is it?

The Files section is where you can store your company files, manage folders and create new files. The Template section allows you to create templates for Letters, Notes, Proposal Documents and Reports.

Subheadings include:


  • Upload/create files so all of your documents can be stored in Proteus


  • Create master templates for different documents such as letters, notes, proposal documents and reports.

Why is it needed?


This means you don’t have to search through hundreds of documents on your computer to find the right one.


You can create different templates for different clients or types of jobs. So s the next time you wan to generate a proposal or document and you select a template it pulls through this pre populated template and you can just edit the sections that are client/project specific.

How do you edit?


Upload a file

  1. Click ‘File Upload’.

  2. Enter File Name.

  3. Browse for files in your documents.

  4. Choose the visibility: Everyone, only me.

  5. Click ‘Upload’.

Add a Folder

  1. Click ‘Add Folder’.

  2. Enter folder name.

  3. Choose visibility: everyone, only me.

  4. Click ‘Add’.

Create a Document

  1. Click Create Document.

  2. Either choose from a template you have already created, or click Make Your Own.

  3. You can then choose from the dropdown: Letter, Note, Proposal Doc and Report.

  4. Click Select Document Type.


Create Document Template

  1. Click the + Create Document Template.

  2. Select the type of document you want from the drop down; Letter, note, proposal document or report.

  3. Click Select Template Type.

  4. This will take you to the document editor to design the template how you want it. Please refer to the document editor.

  5. Click Save at the top left.

  6. This will now show up in the templates section for you to view. You can also click the 3 circles in the corner of each template to show info.

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