What is it?

The Marketplace, for a Freelancer, is where they can create a profile, and apply for jobs posted. Freelancers can share their personal details, CV, any qualifications they have and more. Companies can then view and decide if the freelancer is right for the job.

Why is it needed?

The Marketplace allows freelancers to be flexible, they can work remotely where they want and when they want. They can create a virtual team and collaborate with other freelancers. You can use the marketplace to find work and freelancers will save on recruitment fees, furthermore they will have access to Xchange (Coming Soon) an online messaging platform to ask questions and talk to other proteus users, both freelancer and company.

How do you edit?

Manage Profile

  1. Initial Information: Enter your details; name, location, contact information.

  2. Input your occupational field; skills, current job title, availability and number of years experience.

  3. Rates: you have the option to have your charge out rates visible to potential employers or not.

  4. Summary: write a brief executive summary on yourself highlighting your key strength and experience.

  5. Employment History: here you will list all your previous roles and responsibilities, starting with the earliest role.

  6. Education: Any university/college/school attended and the qualification you received.

  7. Certificates: this can be any training days you have attended and passed for example Health and Safety.

  8. Click ‘Save’.

Apply for an Opportunity

  1. To apply for an opportunity you have to firstly click on the opportunities tab at the top of the marketplace screen between marketplace and freelancer tabs.

  2. Once you have clicked on Opportunities it will display to you the most recent live opportunities companies have created and you can find the opportunity that you're looking for by scrolling down the page and clicking the next page numbers to find more.

  3. Alternatively, an easier way to find the opportunity you’re looking for is to click on the search bar at the top of the screen and also you the filter feature to minimize the search as much as you like.

Set up Invoice Settings

  1. Find ‘Invoice Settings’ on the Left hand side menu.

  2. When you click ‘Invoice Settings’ it will take you to the below screen where you can add details for invoices template.

  3. Add payment bank details and any tax info in ‘Invoice Notes’.

  4. Click ‘Save’.

Create A New Invoice?

  • Find ‘Invoices’ on the Left hand side menu.

  • When you click ‘Invoice’ it will take you to the below screen where you can create Invoices.

  • Click the ‘Create Invoice’ button.

  • Input PO number.

  • Select company from the drop down menu.

  • Confirm the Issue Date, in the calendar box. Either leave pre-populated with today's date or revise to postadated if required.

  • Review Payment terms, Tax Rate & Currency which are auto populated as defined in ‘Invoice Settings’ but can be edited.

  • Input Subject Title.

  • Click ‘Add a line item’.

  • Input the description, unit price and quantity.

  • Click ‘Save’.

  • Un-tick the Tax tick box, if tax is not applicable.

  • Type any public notes you would like included on the Invoice.

  • Click ‘Save Invoice’. The invoice will be saved as a Draft and will appear on the invoice log in the ‘Invoice' Section.

Company Admin User

This Marketplace is where you can search for professionals you may require for a job and post job advertisements for said roles.

When you click into the Marketplace you have 5 options at the top to choose from; Marketplace, Opportunities, Freelancers, Our Opportunities, Our Invoices and Applicants:


  • An overview of most recent freelancers and most recent opportunities posted


  • All job opportunities that have been posted into the marketplace


  1. Here you can search for professionals you require for a job.

  2. In the top search bar type the job role you are looking to hire in. e.g Project Manager. This will then show all the professionals with that job title or keywords in their profile.

  3. You can also filter your search by selecting language, locations, experience etc. to narrow your search.

  4. Click on the profile of the person you are interested in and this will show their profile including their experience, languages, location, CV and availability for jobs. This allows you to match up your requirements to the professional.

  5. Once on their profile you can now contact them or invite them to a job you already have open.

Our Opportunities

This section will show you all of the jobs that your company has posted and allows you to post new ones.

  1. To create a new job click ‘Create Opportunity’. This will take you to a draft advert where you can populate all the boxes with the job descriptions, the more details the better.

  2. Add the Opportunity Title, Opportunity Level (Senior, junior etc.) and your details in the Opportunity summary box.

  3. You can then choose the Contract Type by the drop down box and also if the job can be remote or not or if you require the work to be done at an office.

  4. Add skills by selecting the plus sign which will also help freelancers searching for jobs that will match with their skills.

  5. Once you are happy with your advertisement you can select the status to Live for everyone to see.

  6. When your job is live and a professional applies, you will receive an email notification from Proteus with the professionals’s details for you to contact them.

  7. If you want to Edit or Delete a job advertisement, simply click the 3 circles on the right hand side of the advertisement to select what you would like to do.

Our invoices

When Freelancer clicks ‘Send Invoice’, the company will receive an automated email with the invoice PDF attached and also the invoice will be saved in the company market place under our invoices.

The saved invoice in ‘our invoices’ will be marked with status of ‘Due’. It will remain as ‘Due’ before the due date and automatically updated to ‘Overdue’ past the due date.

Log payment of Invoice

  1. Select your invoice form the list in the ‘Invoice’ section. It will take you to the below screen where you can download the invoice or mark as paid.

  2. Click ‘Mark as Paid’.

  3. Confirm the amount paid, this is auto populated with full payment amount or you can edit it.

  4. Click ‘Mark as Paid’. If the invoice is paid in full it will be revised in the invoice log from ‘Due’ to ‘Paid’. Or if the invoice is partially paid it will be revised in the invoice log from ‘Due’ to ‘Outstanding’. This change will also be reflected in freelancers marketplace invoices page.


This section allows you to manage the freelancers that have applied to your opportunities.

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