If you work for a company and you want to get your team using Proteus (you should, it will definitely make you a lot more efficient!) you have only two real decisions:

  1. How many users do you need to join your company account? This includes any existing staff you want working on the platform, as well as any contractors or freelancers you might want to join a project on Proteus.

  2. Do you want to pay monthly or annually? The benefit of monthly is that you can easily increase or decrease the number of users. The benefit of annual payment is that you get an extra 2 months free.

If you only want to use Proteus to access our Marketplace to search and engage with expert freelance professionals, you can set up a free account. This gives you limited functionality and can be upgraded to a full company account at any time.

We are flexible, so if you need to talk it through please get in touch on support@proteus-work.com and we will sort it out with you.

If you are a freelancer, sign up and take it from there- it’s free!

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