• This database is used to input information across Proteus, specifically with Proposals and Projects, the Average Cost Rates defined are used to project overall project margins


  • List all your Average Cost Rates for Teams of People


  • Edit You can go back and edit/add to this at any time. Please note that amending the numbers in this database will change the value and margins

  • Access This is confidential and only Company Admins will have access to view/edit rates.


  • Refer to your company or project team org chart as a starting point for your company's structure

  • Group non-billable departments under one department e.g. Business Support.

How to add Team Average Cost Rates

Navigate to Offices Index

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console and select Organisation from the grey menu

Add Departments/Grades/Disciplines

2. Navigate to Departments/Grades/Disciplines from white horizontal submenu

  • Grades is the rank/seniority and Discipline is the role

  • Departments/Grades/Disciplines created can be deactivated and reactivated

  • For a more complex organisation the Department, Grade or Discipline can be found by using the search bar at the top of the object

3. Click Add New and input the detail in pop-up box

4. Click Save

5. Repeat this process for all Departments/Grades/Disciplines

Add Cost Rates

1. Navigate to Average Cost Rates

  • Here you will find a matrix with the Grades and Disciplines defined

2. Enter the Average Cost Rates against active positions

  • This is the cost to your company (client fee is applied in Contracts)

  • Average Cost Rates will not be visible to Users

  • Estimated Proposal Margins will use the Average Cost Rates that have been inputted

  • Leave blank or 0 (zero) any positions you don't have

  • Only positions that have a cost populated will be available to select later within Proteus

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