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Add, Edit, Deactivate, or Delete Departments/Grades/Disciplines and Complete or update your Average Cost and Actual Cost Rates

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Select the correct Office you wish to update then click Organisation.

An organisation consists of departments and under each department a combination of disciplines and grades will exist. Select Department to start building out your organisation.

Click Add New from top right, fill in the correct details then click save

Select the 3 dots to Edit, Delete or Deactivate a Department

Once your Departments are created, start adding disciplines to each department. Grades are not linked to an individual department but used as a tiered structure across all departments and their disciplines. Commonly used Grades are Principal, Senior, Junior, etc.

Average Cost Rates

This is the cost to your company based on the created discipline and grade matrix structure. Select Average Cost Rates

Complete the cost matrix using the average cost rates. They will save automatically.

Please note the following:

  • Average Cost Rates will not be visible to users other than Admin Users.

  • Estimated Proposal Margins will use the Average Cost Rates that have been inputted.

  • Only positions that have a cost populated will be available to select later within Proteus. Leave blank or 0 (zero) any positions you don't use.

Actual Cost Rates

The actual cost rate for every user should be completed before they are added to a project and requested to submit time. This can be stored on the user profile and only accessible for Admin Users.

Click on the Proteus logo in the top left or your profile in the top right, then dashboard. To navigate back to Proteus Dashboard

Select Team from the main navigation bar

Select the 3 dots of the user you wish to add or edit the actual cost and click edit

Scroll down till you see hourly cost, complete the correct amount, then scroll to the bottom and click save

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