• Upload all your Companies, and their Contacts that you currently deal with


  • This database pulls into Contract, Proposal or Project - to assign Company

  • Once assigned all the details are automatically pulled into document templates such as - Proposals and Invoices.

  • Edit The information can be edited at any time, and a notification will be sent to the Company rep to alert of the change.


  • Recommend using the bulk upload functionality

How to create Companies

Navigate to Companies

  1. Select ‘Companies’ via the blue menu bar on the left of the screen

Bulk Upload Companies

2. Select ‘Bulk Upload’ and Input detail in pop-up box

3. Download the format

4. Populate your details in the Format as defined in the upload file

5. Upload

OR Add Companies individually

  1. From within Companies, click ‘Create Company’ and Input detail in pop-up box

  • Recommend you attach the Company logo so it appears on the Companies Index.

2. Click ‘Create Company’ and it will now appear in Companies Index

  • There are different types of Companies you can select from Client, Subcontractor, 3rd Party, Agency, Supplier, Internal

  • In case a Company can be both Client and Supplier it is recommended to select Supplier as type to ensure both invoices and Outgoing POs can be created

  • Add Notes and Files to a Company Record for all other users to see. Files can either be created or uploaded from external sources

  • Navigate the Files Section by filtering by file type

Add Office Address

3. Navigate to ‘Office Address’ via the white horizontal submenu

4. Click ‘Create Office’

5. Input details and click ‘Create Office’ and repeat for all addresses.

  • The address entered here pulls through to the invoice template for clients and Outgoing PO for Suppliers

Add Contacts

6. Navigate to ‘Contacts’ via the white horizontal submenu

7. Click ‘Create Contact’

8. Input details

  • Make sure you add email address of contact so contact is discoverable in Proteus

9. Click ‘Create Contact’ and repeat for all Contacts

  • The Contacts entered here pulls to Contact drop down menu when creating Proposal/Projects or for suppliers on Outgoing POs

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