• Populate all active Proposals


  • This workflow pulls from Companies, Contracts, Admin Console > Organisation (for Team Resources) and Assets (for Equipment and Software Resources)

  • This workflow pulls into Project, Tracking & Finance

  • Once assigned the Work Packages automatically pull right through all future workflows from Projects & Timesheets to final Invoice.

  • Edit Before the Proposal is won Work Packages can be edited at any time. Once Proposal is won, Work Packages can no longer be edited. Any variations need to be build in auto created Project.


  • Complete all relevant steps for new Proposals. For Proposals that are already issued, only populate the WBS Page.

How to create Proposal

Navigate to Proposal

  1. Select ‘Proposal’ via the blue menu bar on the left of the screen

Create Proposal

  1. Click the ‘Create Proposal’ button and Input details

  2. Click ‘Create Proposal’

  • ‘Company’ and ‘Contact’ pulls from the Companies database. If either is missing you can do a quick add by selecting the blue plus button.

  • ‘Contract’ pulls from the Contracts database. If missing, go to Contracts and create new

  • Estimated Value is a guide, for future comparison against final value

  • Go Probability is the percentage likelihood of this proposal going ahead

  • Get probability is the percentage likelihood of winning this proposal

  • Proposal will now be logged in Proposal Index as draft

  • On the Proposal Index you can search by title or reference or Filter based on preset filters Company, Office, Manager, Type and Status

  • A proposal can be viewed by selecting the proposal record or view on the 3 dots

  • A proposal can be added (or removed) from the dashboard (main page) on the 3 dots

  • Proposals with status draft/started/approved can be deleted from Proteus on the 3 dots. Once a proposal has progressed to Sent, it cannot be deleted due to audit trail - suggest changing status to deactivated to archive.

How to share access to Proposal

  • Users with Role ‘Manager’ or ‘User’ need to be invited to proposal they did not create

Share proposal with other users

  1. Click ‘Share’ button in top right of relevant proposal page

  2. Free type in box to find the user and select access level

  3. Review ‘enable file permission’ tick box for access to folder and if required select share and repeat for all users

  4. Click Save

  • ‘Viewer no rates’, ‘Viewer’, ‘Editor no rates’, ‘Editor’ or ‘Manager’

How to build a Work Breakdown

Create Work Package Series

  1. From within a Proposal click ‘Add Work Package’

  2. Input title, prepared by, scope, input and deliverables (if applicable and add start and end date if known

  3. Select Add and repeat for all Work Packages

  • Work Package numbering can be adjusted in Admin Console (Admin only)

  • To every Work Package all cost items can be added such as Team Resources, Equipment Resources, Software Resources, Expenses, Purchase Costs and Markups

  • Milestones can only be added to the Main Work Package

Create Work Package

  1. Click ‘Add Work Package’ under the desired series on the 3 dots on the right

  2. Input details

  • As many Work Packages can be added to each proposal and on as many levels within each Work Package

  • Work Package number will be created based on your settings in the Admin Console

  • All Details entered will pull through to Work Breakdown.

  • Title and Prepared by are mandatory. Scope, Input and deliverables are optional as well as start date and end date.

Add Resources or Cost to a Work Package

  1. Select the tabs right next to Details and add Resources (Team, Equipment, Software)

  2. Add Expenses and Purchase Costs

  3. Add Markups that can be applied to the entire Work Breakdown, selected Work Package or section in the Work Package selected

  4. Input quantity against all rates and this will auto calculate the total and Subtotals

  5. To add another line item click the blue ‘+’ on the right hand side of relevant section

  6. Click ‘Save’ and repeat for all Work Packages

  • This will pull through the rates from the Contract Rate Tables applied to this Proposal.

  • Formatted Work Packagescan now be pulled into Proposal document as Work Package Summary or full Work Package Catalogue

  • All items related to a Work Package can be edited or deleted in the Work Package

  • Across all Work Packages in the Work Breakdown, editing of units and Markup (% or value) of individual items can be done per Cost Type (Team, Equipment Software Resources) or Expenses and Purchase Costs.

How to create Org Chart

Navigate to Team

  1. From within a Proposal navigate to ‘Team’ via the white horizontal submenu

Create Org Chart

  1. Click ‘Add a new team member’

  2. Select team member from the drop down menu, type their Project role and click ‘Add’

  3. Click Plus Sign and repeat step above

  4. Once you have finished adding all team members select publish in the top right corner

  • When adding further team members you have a choice of who they report to by selecting plus sign against relevant name

  • Formatted Org Chart is now available to pull into Proposal document

How to create Project Plan

Navigate to Plan

  1. From within a Proposal navigate to Plan’ via the white horizontal submenu

Create Plan

  • All Work Packages created are automatically populated in plan ready to be scheduled

  1. Click ‘Unscheduled’, select time period, click ‘Save’

  2. Repeat for all unscheduled

Custom mode

  1. Select top left white box to navigate to ‘Custom mode’ with or without data

  • With data allows you to edit titles, delete Work Packagesand add schedule new task

  • Without data provides blank canvas to schedule new tasks from scratch

Edit Scale

  1. Select top right white box to edit ‘Scale’ to weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually


  1. Once you have finished adding all team members select publish in the top right corner

  • Formatted Project Plan is now available to pull into Proposal document

How to add Experience

Navigate to Experience

  1. From within a Proposal navigate to ‘Experience’ via the white horizontal submenu

Add Experience to Proposal

  • All Projects available in Proteus can be accessed and selected in this section

  1. Select the relevant Projects to be added to your Experience List in the Proposal

How to create Proposal Document

Navigate to Proposal Document

  1. From within a Proposal select blue ‘Edit Proposal’ box in top left of page

Create Proposal Document

  1. Select Blank document or pre populated template

  • You will now land in the document editor to design or edit the template.

  • Refer to template section on how to use document editor in detail

Pull Work Breakdown summary & Catalogue, Org Chart, Plan and CVs

  1. In the bottom of desired section, click the blue + sign

  2. Select what information you want to pull from Proteus into the Proposal

  • CVs Format can be Summary, Full or anonymous depending on Proposal requirement


  1. Click ‘Save’ in top right corner

  2. Click Download to PDF

  • Files from another sources related to a proposal can also be uploaded and all files can be accessed in your file server via Proteus

  • New Folders can also be created as required

How to seek Approval before Proposal Submission

Navigate to Proposal Records

  1. In the summary section on the left add Approver(s)

  2. Click edit button next to Approval

  3. Select manager(s) from the drop down menu and click ‘Add Approver’

Submit for Approval

  1. Once Proposal is ready for submission, Select Send for Approval

  • This will trigger a workflow where the manager is invited to review the Proposal

  • On the Proposal Record the status of Approval is visible (Pending/Approved/Rejected)

How to update Status

From Proposal Log

  1. Find the required Proposal, Click the status and reallocate to relevant status.

OR From within Proposal Record

  1. From within a Proposal change the status on the left summary section

How to clone a Proposal

From Proposal Log

  1. Find the required Proposal, select clone on the 3 dots navigation

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