Managing a Proposal

Create, clone and manage a proposal record including work breakdown, organogram, plan, experience and generating documents

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How to create a Proposal

Navigate to Proposals

Select Create Proposal

Input Proposal details then Select Create

Reuse an existing Proposal record

Instead of starting from scratch, clone an existing Proposal with Work Packages built out already.

Select the 3 dots then Click Clone

Create your Work Breakdown (WBS)

Select Create Work Package

Complete Details such as scope, input and deliverables then Select Add

Your WBS can be multi-level as per your requirements. On every branch a child Work Package can be created. Select the 3 dots of the Work Package you wish to add a Child Work Package to then Click Add Work Package.

Complete Details of the newly created child Work Package then select Add

How to Import a Work Package

Select a WP you want the import to appear

Select the 3 dots of that WP then Click Import Work Package

Search the Proposal that has the WP to import

Tick the boxes for the WP(s) to import

Tick the boxes for the resources to import with the WP(s)

Note that when importing a WP, the Proposal that the WP is from must be under the same contract as the Proposal that the WP will be imported to.

The WP will then appear as a child WP to one selected for import.

How to Drag and Drop a Work Package

Navigate to WBS

Click the dotted square icon then drag to another position


  • The WP will automatically reassign the correct WP reference once moved

  • To move parent WPs you will need to minimise them if they have child WPs.

Add Resources or Cost to a Work Package

Within each Work Package at the lowest branch you can add resources or cost. The order of the tab is: Team Resources - Equipment Resources - Software Resources - Expenses - Purchase Costs - Markups. Essentially adding team, equipment and software resource work in the same way so below you can see how this works taking team resources as example.

Select the Team Resources tab to add labour resources

Select Add Team Resource

Complete the Resource details then Add. The information for team, equipment and software resources is pulled from your contract rate table. Find out more in this article.

Project Resources and Workhour Builder (Pro Only)

Navigate to Project Resources

Select add Project Resource

Select the Cost Rate from the DDG combination

Select the Charge-out rate from the DDG combination

Navigate to Workhour builder

Enter the hours for the WP and Charge rate on the matrix

The Total Hours, Total Cost and Price will display

Add Expenses and Purchase Costs

Navigate to the Expenses tab.

Add Expense, complete the details and select Add

Navigate to Purchase Costs tab

Add Expense, complete the details and select Add. Select 'Create a cost' if you don't have any pre-defined costs then fill in details and Add

How to create Org Chart

Navigate to Team

Select Add a team member

Select a team member, complete details then Add

Select the + to add branch team members

Click the 3 dots to Edit, Delete or View Profile

How to create, edit or view your Project Plan

Navigate to Plan

All Work Packages created are automatically populated in plan with start and end dates from the Work Package (if completed) already displayed

Navigate to the Work Package within the GANTT chart and select the bar to update start and end date for each Work Package.

How to add Experience

All Projects available in Proteus can be accessed and selected in this section.

Navigate to Experience

Select the Projects and add to Experience list. In the search bar specific key words can be used to filter the projects in view.

Remove selected Projects via the x

How to create Proposal Document

Navigate to Files

Select Create File

Complete the details and choose which template you want to use or start from a blank document, then select 'Create'.

If you already have the add-in installed it will automatically open and you can place document blocks throughout the document. If you want to know more about the way Proteus integrates with MS Word, have a look at this article. And for how to setup a template text and table styles, check this article.

How to request internal Approval of a Proposal

Select the Approver Icon on the left summary bar.

Search the approver then Add. Initially the approver is only added in draft stage so is not invited to approve / reject the proposal.

The Approver will get an email, Select Preview Proposal

The proposal will now be locked in draft until Approval is requested

Select the sent Icon to request approval

The Approver will get another email, Select Review Approval

Select either Reject or Approve

You can track who has approved, who has rejected, and who has a pending status.

When all Approvers selected have approved the proposal, the top right status will update to Approved.

How to share access to a Proposal

Users with Role ‘Manager’ or ‘User’ need to be invited to proposal they did not create

Select the Share Icon

Search the user to add

Select the role and file permission then save. User will get an automated email notification about access granted. When file persmission is enabled please note that this may take some time for Microsoft to provision the access for new added users to the record.

How to use the self-help check for MS365

Select the MS365 Icon

If a user has access it will say 'Member of site', if not it will save 'connect user to continue'.


Select the drop down menu and search for your MS365 email

If the Proteus record is not connected to a Sharepoint site, try to establish a connection or manually add the Sharepoint site URL

Select Grant access when your email has connected

How to add a note

Select the Note Symbol

Click ‘add new note’

Select the save button to publish or the delete

Edit or Delete a note

When new note(s) is/are available on a record, a red dot appears

How to update the Status of a Proposal

Select the status dropdown menu.

Update the status as the proposal progresses. Won will convert the proposal to a project and lock the proposal from further changes. All approvals need to be granted before a proposal can be converted to status Won.

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