• Build your file Structure

  • Build all your templates for Proposals or Reports


  • This database pulls into Proposal and Project - so documents can be quickly and easily pulled together in a consistent and approved format.

  • Edit You can go back and edit/add to this at any time.


Populate as many details as possible to guide the end user who will populate the final Document.

  • Section Titles to give a guide on the structure of your template

  • Generic details that are always the same with approved wording and graphics e.g. - Company Info, Experience Lists, ISO Certificates, Trade Licenses etc

Guidance Note on what you expect for Proposal/Project specific sections

How to create Template

Navigate to Template

  1. Select ‘Files’ via the blue menu bar on the left of the screen

  2. Navigate to ‘Templates’ via the white horizontal submenu

Create Template

  1. Click ‘+Create Document Template and select Template type

  • You will now land in the document editor to design the template.

How to use the Document Editor

Add Cover Page/Control Page/Header & Footer

  1. Click ‘Add Cover/Control Page/Header & Footer’ grey box from the left menu bar.

  2. Edit Format as desired or use this template.

  • Notice links for ‘title’ ‘reference’ and ‘Company’ are set to pull from the Proposal details when the template is attached. And ‘address’ is pulling from admin console

  • In Header & Footer you can Supersede logo from Admin Console to business unit etc

Add picture

  1. Place ‘cursor’ where you want to place image

  2. Select upload, Review width (tip: no wider than 700) and Select ‘Save’

Add New section

  1. Click grey ‘plus’ next to section form menu on left side of screen

  2. Select ‘Level’ to control page breaks

  • Level 1 creates a page break on each new section. Level 2 onwards does not .

Add tag for Proposal Work Breakdown summary & Catalogue

  1. In the bottom of desired section, click the blue + sign

  2. Select what information you want to pull from Proteus into the Proposal

Add Title, Reference and Company Details from Proposal/Project

  1. Place ‘cursor’ where you want desired info to tag to

  2. Click ‘help’ from the horizontal toolbar and Select desired tab

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