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Invite, Edit or Deactivate Users and Configure User Roles

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Managing New Online Users

Navigate to Users

Click Add New, complete details, then save

Please note the following:

  • User's Role will provide access as defined in table above and can be edited at any time to increase or reduce access level.

  • Finance and Asset Manager allows Users to create Costs in Finance and Assets.

  • New Users will receive automated email invitation to your company Proteus account. You you can already complete their profile and fill in further details for the invited user or leave it for after they accepted the invitation and joined Proteus.

Managing Invited Users

Navigate to Users, Select Invited

Here you will see all pending Users who have not yet accepted their invitation.

If a user has not accepted the invitation within the expected timeframe, click Re-invite, which will send another automated email invitation to the user.

To complete further details for the user, click invited, click edit via the 3 dots of the correct user and complete the missing details and once done, Click Save.

Managing User Access Level or Finance Permissions

Navigate to Users, Click on the 3 dots of the user you wish to change then select edit.

Check the top of the article for what the different user roles do.

Select the correct user role from the drop down and tick Finance and Assets Manager if the user requires it.

Deactivating Users

Navigate to Users, Click on the 3 dots of the user you wish to remove then select deactivate

Please note the following:

  • The Account is deactivated instantly.

  • Users get a email notification that their account has been deactivated.

Click Deactivated to see all deactivated users

If you wish to reactivate a user click the 3 dots then select Activate.

Managing Offline Users

No licences are required for Offline Users, as they will not have access to Proteus and cannot be used for most of the workflows on Proteus. Offline Users simply allows you to build a database of profiles to include as CVs to your documents and cannot be used to managing budgets and recording actual costs.

Navigate to Users, Click Add Offline User

Complete Details for the Offline User

Convert an Offline User

Navigate to Users, Click on the 3 dots of the user you wish to convert then click convert user account

Note that you must have an unused License to be able to convert an offline user, to add additional Licenses notify a member of Proteus Customer Success via email or intercom.

Fill in the details then Convert & Invite, Users will receive automated email invitation to become a full user

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