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Add, Edit or Remove Purchase Approvers

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Purchase Approvers

Purchase Approvers are users who are authorised to review and approve outgoing purchase orders and making external commitments.

Select Finance Settings

Click Add New

Complete the details, When entering approval limit you can choose to define a value or tick the unlimited box instead. Any Approver can be setup for a specific office or globally for all offices.

Approver limit and Office can be edited at any time to increase or decrease authority level. Select the 3 dots then choose the option you wish to execute.

Delegation of Authority (Pro only)

Select Finance Settings

Select Delegation of Authority (DOA)

Select add a new Purchase approver

Enter the details for the purchase approver group

For the approver role you can either select a user(s) or the project manager

Select the Approver Type

Single Source Justification, External Commitment or Approval to Pay

Select create once all details are complete

Enter the single source limit here and save limit afterwards

Purchase Order Notes (Pro Only)

Select Purchase order notes

Select add new public note

Enter public notes details then save notes

Select remove to delete a public note then save notes after

Currency Exchange (Pro Only)

Select currency exchange

Select a new currency to add from the drop down list

Once you have chosen a currency to add select add new currency

The Exchange Matrix is changed manually, click the number you want to change and enter the new value. It will be saved automatically

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