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Import large amounts of Users and Work Packages

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Import Users

When you wish to import a large number of users at the same time during installation or at a later stage when Proteus' adoption is expanding further within your organisation, this would be a useful functionality for admin users.

Select Import

Click User

Click Download Template

Fill in the details the template asks for, make sure to add a separate row for each user. Once done save as a .csv file.

Please note the following

  • Password is a required field but currently not in use as each user will define their password or uses SSO in case your company has set this up

  • Each user is attached on an office so this is a required field to map against the right discipline and grade combination in your office organisation

  • Role is the User Level and currently only ‘Offline’ should be selected. The imported user(s) will become visible in the Team Database as offline user and when ready can be converted to a user account

Import .csv file by clicking ‘Select file’

Review and Edit any probable errors shaded in red on Proteus

Select ‘Submit’ to progress to final ‘Review’

Verify that mapped office matches the desired office then select Submit to proceed.

Import Work Package

When you want to create a complex Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for either a template or new project, the import Work Package functionality for admin users may come in handy. To import Work Packages, there has to be a proposal record created in Proteus.

Navigate to Import, Select Work Package

Click Download Template

Complete the details the template asks for by adding a row for each work package. Once done save as .csv file

Please note the following:

  • Work Package Reference (Column C) can either be numeric, alphabetic or textual as per your requirement and the order in the spreadsheet defines the order on Proteus

  • Parent Work Package Reference (Column D) is for mapping the branches between Work Packages. Each branching needs to be identified using the following coding ‘ > ‘, e..g for a Level 3 work package this would be the Column C entries for ‘Level 1 > Level 2’. This is not required for Level 1 Work Packages

  • Date field (Column H and I) must be completed as yyyy-mm-dd

  • Column D, F, G, H and I are not mandatory fields

  • Import does not include deliverables, only work packages

  • Import is not available to project variations, only proposal/pre-projects

  • Data for multiple records can be imported at once but please make sure that the record reference in column A matches the proposal reference of the record in Proteus

Import .csv file by clicking ‘Select file

Review and Edit any probable errors shaded in red on Proteus then Select ‘Submit’

Verify that mapped Proposal matches the desired Proteus record and select Submit to proceed.

Review Mapped ‘Prepared by’ user(s) by typing the first part of their email address to filter and select, then select Submit to proceed.

Finally click ‘Submit’ for a last time and the import is complete.

The imported work packages will now be visible in the assigned Proteus Record(s).

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