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How to activate user account and setup my user profile

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How to activate your Account

You should have received an email invite email from Proteus titled ‘You've been invited to join Proteus’ (check your junk mail in case it's been filtered or ask the Project Manager/admin to resend it)

Click ‘Set up your account’, from within the invitation email

Populate your details and click Next

Click Go to your account, this will redirect you to your Proteus Account Dashboard

You will receive an email asking you to verify your account, Click Verify Account

How to Configure your Profile

Note this information is used across Proteus to link your profile to Projects and your CV to documents. It only needs to be added once, it can be edited at any time by yourself or the Company Admin.

Click on the icon with your name

Select, My Profile

Populate your profile details then scroll to the bottom and select Save.

How to review your Notification Settings

By default, you will get an alert when an action has taken place by another user that you are directly involved with.

Select the icon with your name at right top corner.

Select Notification Settings

Deselect the Notifications you don't wish to receive then select Save. Web notifications will appear in alerts (the grey bell in the top right corner of the screen next to your name).

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