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Creating a Template in MS Word
Creating a Template in MS Word

How to Add the Proteus Add-in and Insert Tags

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How to add the Proteus Add-in

Verify if Proteus Add-in has been inserted (MS Word online and MS Word desktop app). If not following the steps below.

Select ‘Insert’

Select ‘Add-ins’

If not available under My Add-ins or Admin Managed, search for Proteus in the Store then select Add

To Open the Proteus Add-in, select Home then Open Sidebar (this may be hidden under the tri-dot menu).

Sign in with your Microsoft account and Proteus credentials

How to add Template tags

Select Add Template Tags. A list of template tags can be seen in the drop down bar.

Select the tag you wish to use then Insert


  • In the dropdown menu of the Template Tags several of the block tags are also available to select. Currently this consists of the WBS Summary, WBS Catalogue and a few more. If the block you wish to use is not available as a block tage, put a Placeholder within your document template as a reminder to select the required Proteus Add-in block when working on any live proposal.

How to edit / modify Text Styles

Select ‘Home’

Select ‘Heading 1’ and right click, select ‘modify’

Ensure you modify each heading and paragraph type to match your brand guidelines by right clicking and selecting “Modify” as shown below:

Modify your heading formatting and text styles to match your current guidelines

How to edit / modify Table Styles

Select Insert

Create your table

Click the table and Select Table Styles

Select Grid Table 2, Customise the table as you wish after.

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