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How does Proteus compare with other software tools?
How does Proteus compare with other software tools?
Written by Amy Pickles
Updated over a week ago

Proteus is designed to be the best software tool for companies that work on complex projects. We make your workflows more efficient and ultimately save you time and money.

It is natural to compare Proteus to other software options. We have some features that are found in other project management tools (like the project cost control features) but we have others that are totally unique (like the Opportunities go / no-go feature). We don't think there is anything that combines all the same workflows into one interface.

Proteus is significantly less expensive than larger enterprise software tools and we offer bespoke development services which means Proteus will always meet your specific requirements.

Because we are able to support each client company one to one and in person, we provide a uniquely high level of support and customisation. We are real people, working in real-time and, whilst we love and embrace the best AI can offer, we are proud of our talented and skilled humans!

Proteus is simple to get, simple to set up, and simple to use.

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