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Who is the ideal Proteus user?
Who is the ideal Proteus user?
Written by Amy Pickles
Updated over a week ago

Proteus is designed to be used by project teams working in businesses that charge out time, equipment, and other assets or resources. If you are a five-man-band selling engineering consultancy services, a 100-head company servicing wind turbines, or a multi-national company working on large infrastructure projects, we can help you. By pulling all the key project workflows you use into one place we bring unrivaled transparency and control. Proteus is an easy-to-use, low-cost project software developed by project managers for project managers.

Many of our existing clients operate in the diversified energy sector including for example Wood, Genesis, and Flotation Energy. However, any company that uses a work breakdown structure model of task management will benefit greatly from using Proteus as we make complex projects much more simple to manage.

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