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Why do operators and developers use Proteus?
Why do operators and developers use Proteus?
Written by Amy Pickles
Updated over a week ago

Proteus is used not only by companies that service projects, such as consultancies like Aurecon or Wood. Operators and developers like Chevron or Flotation Energy also use Proteus to solve the following problems:

  • Management of multiple activities, projects, and actions can be cumbersome, with reporting progress simply and effectively by a wide number of individual users, a challenge.

  • For most small or midsize Operators/ Developers internal resources are scarce, which makes oversight, reporting, and intervention in ongoing activities laborious. Timely identification of problem activities is challenging.

  • Information resources are typically distributed by function (or from external sources) involving collection and interrogation which is labour intensive and time-consuming.

  • Spreadsheets are still king and are used on most projects making information difficult to access and hugely inconsistent.

Proteus allows Operators to manage suppliers, manage costs and manage all aspects of projects in a single place. Highly configurable, cloud-based, easy to deploy, and accessible by anybody with the correct user permissions, Proteus provides accuracy and consistency across the entire project portfolio and provides a full digital map of the entire capital value process.

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