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Why choose Proteus
Why choose Proteus
Written by Amy Pickles
Updated over a week ago

Implementing Proteus' project management software provides energy and engineering organizations with game-changing benefits to deliver projects on time and on budget. Created by industry experts and project managers for project managers, this end-user perspective makes Proteus a fit-for-purpose system.

Proteus provides the following benefits:

Provides actionable real-time business insight. Proteus captures all available data providing real insight into day-to-day operations. This allows business and project leaders to apply predictive analytics to make proactive decisions to influence a positive project outcome ultimately creating successful businesses.

Optimises the use of resources, and allows teams to exceed Earned Value Management requirements.

Improves reporting, change management, and analysis. The automated streamlined data access allows more time for analysis which shifts the emphasis from risk assurance to the anticipation of emerging risks.

We are a young, flexible company which means we are quick to respond to market and client demands; we will grow with you and because of the continuous improvement cycle keep delivering features and functionality that you will need - we grow and develop in line with your business needs.

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