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What problems does Proteus solve?
What problems does Proteus solve?
Written by Amy Pickles
Updated over a week ago

Proteus is designed to make project teams work more efficiently, simplifying key workflows. In practical terms, this means solving the following problems commonly experienced by our clients:

  • Disintegrated data

  • Delay in data visibility, limited transparency of data

  • Program schedules were not cost-loaded or resource-loaded

  • Tracking projects with Excel spreadsheets led to minimal schedule correlation

  • Program-wide inconsistent WBS/cost account structure

  • Dependency on contractors to manage & report on cost

  • Lack of change management

  • Inaccurate reports

  • Varying calculation methodologies

  • Key policies, plans & procedures in early development stage

  • Limitations of existing program technology & problematic work-arounds

  • Heavy reliance on paper-based approvals

  • Non-standardised records management procedures

  • Lacked systems, policies, procedures to meet audit requirements

  • Transitioning from emergent maturity level

  • Key data managed in multiple places & outside of systemized environments

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