Managing a Project for Operator
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Definition to Active Project

Select ‘Definition’ via the blue menu bar on the left of the screen

Select the Definition to convert to active project record and change status to Approved in the summary section.

Navigating to Projects

Select Projects then select the Project you wish to Manage from the index

Setting the Baseline

Select Baseline

Select either Labour, Expenses or Purchase Costs

Depending on which resources you need to set the baseline for.

Select the Project wand to apply baseline curve

The Baseline Curve is selected for each WP during the Definition creation however it can be changed via the work breakdown within the project.

Select Submit to lock the baseline

Note that if there is a change to the baseline you will need to resubmit the baseline


Creating a Purchase Request

Navigate to Finance

Select Create Purchase Request

Enter Purchase Request details

Setting up the VOWD Tracker

Select Finance

Select VOWD Tracking and you can choose the way to view

Enter the Start and End date for each item to be able to apply the VOWD tracker between

Double Click the box and select the yellow calendar icon to change the date

Note you may have to use the slider at the bottom of the screen to view the whole VOWD page

Click the wand Icon to apply VOWD to each Item

You can do this for either the whole project, individual work packages or for each individual item

If you wish to make changes to or update the VOWD Tracker you can lock weeks to make sure they remain unchanged

Click the padlock icon next to the week

Work Package Management

Reviewing Budget Progress

Select Work Breakdown

From within Work Breakdown select ‘Work Package’ and navigate to the Work Package you want to review progress

On the selected Work Package navigate to the ‘Budget’ tab on the right and Review actual progress of the project here

Reviewing Project Progress

Select the ‘Progress’ tab

Select ‘+’ button on the Progress Speedometer,

You can also review the other progress bar for the work package here

Record actual percentage Progress and select date you wish to record this progress on.

Review Supplier budget progress

Select the 'Suppliers’ tab

Review the outstanding VOWD for each PO item

Management of change

Select 'Management of change'

Select Create Variation, enter the name then create

Select the 3 dots of a work package to apply a revision

Once a revision is applied you can now create the variation for that work package

Once the variation is created you can update the status via the status drop down

When the variation has been reviewed an approved the Project manager can apply the variation creating the new baseline

Only the project manager can final approve the variation

Once you have set the new baseline you will also need to go back to the baseline to resubmit the changes (This is shown at the beginning of this article)

Authority For Expenditure

Navigate to Finance

Select AFE

Select create Authority of Expenditure

Enter the details and select create

How to Invoice (if applicable)

Navigate to Finance

Select Invoice

Select Create Invoice

Select PO from the dropdown

Office and Project will be automatically selected when you create an invoice within the project invoicing

Select the add VOWD Costs and other resources to invoice

Select the delivery address then save

Select edit to make further revisions to the invoice

You can either send invoice via Proteus or download the PDF and send externally

Select Send to send via Proteus

Or Download then mark sent once done externally

Once paid select mark paid

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