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Managing Procurement Workflow (Pro Only)
Managing Procurement Workflow (Pro Only)
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Purchase Request

Navigate to Finance within the project you want to create a purchase request for

Select Create Purchase Request

Select the Cost(s) for the purchase request then click add at the bottom

This will now lead to the purchase request where the creator will be the Requisitioner

The Requisitioner will now populate the fields, the Budget holder and Buyer are further approvers that the Requisitioner will have to assign.

Once most fields are completed you will need to select the Procurement Mode (each of which change the process going forward slightly)

You can also add notes for the other users/approvers who have access

There will also be an audit trail underneath the notes

Single Source

Within the admin console the admin user will need to enter the single source limit which will affect when single source can be selected

By default Single Source will be the selected Procurement type

Select Submit for approval once all details are filled, you can also Save Draft at any point

The Budget Holder will now get an email to inform them that they are requested for approval, If they click the link they will be taken to the Purchase request page to review

Select supplier from the drop down

Select Approve or Reject

The Requisitioner can also Recall the purchase request to make further revisions

After the Budget holder has approved, the Buyer will be sent an email requesting to issue the PO. Once done the PR will become a PO

Single Source Justification (SSJ)

Select SSJ

Select Create SSJ Form

Enter the SSJ Form and then select the SSJ Approver

The SSJ Approver(s) will be created within the admin console by the admin user

Once all details have been filled the Requisitioner can either Save Draft (which will save the form and take you back to the Purchase request page to approve) or Select Submit SSJ Form (which will submit and request for approval from the Budget holder)

The Budget holder will get an email requesting for approval and the SSJ Approval will be added to the Purchase Request

Select the Supplier then the Budget holder can approve

Once the Budget Holder approves the Request the SSJ Approver will be notified for approval

Select review SSJ Form

Choose to either Reject or Approve

After the SSJ has been approved the Buyer will be sent an email requesting to issue the PO. Once done the PR will become a PO

Competitive Tender (RFQ)

Select RFQ and submit for approval

The budget holder can review then Reject or Approve

For RFQ you will not need to select a supplier until the Purchase Order has been Issued

The buyer will get an email and can now Issue the PO

Purchase Order

The Buyer can now enter further details for the PO

Select Type and choose from the options

The Type options are created within the admin console Public Notes

Select add line item to create your cost line items

Enter the cost details

Select the External Commitment approver

This approver is created within the admin console DOA with the External Commitment type

Select the Supplier and Delivery address

This is when the Competitive tender (RFQ) will need to select the supplier

Once all details are complete the Buyer can submit for approval

The Buyer can recall PO at any time to make revisions

The External Commitment DOA group users will get an email for requesting approval where they can either Approve or Deny. Deny will cancel the PO and Approve will let the Buyer issue the PO

Select Issue PO


Select Create Receipt

Enter the receipt details

The approver is created within the admin console DOAs with the Approval to pay type

Enter the receipt amount then Save draft

The balances will change according to the receipted amount which will also reflect in further created receipts

Select the Created receipt

Select Submit for approval

Select the receipt to approve

After the receipt is submitted for approval it will need to be approved by all approvers; Requisitioner, Budget holder, Buyer and the approval to pay DOA

Once it has been fully approved it will change status to approved

Once the Receipt has been fully approved it will change the status to Fully Approved

You can download the PO PDF at anytime via the Purchase Order Index page

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