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Managing Assets Database

How to Create Edit or Delete Equipment or Software resources

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Create Asset Record

Select Assets in the main navigation bar

Create New Category

A category is a group of equipment items that within your organisation are similar.

You can create as many branches as you like for a multi-level asset inventory.

Select ‘+ Create Category’, complete name and select Create

Create a Branch Category

Select an Category to add a branch Category

Select Create Category, complete Details then select Create

Create New Equipment / Software

A new Equipment or Software item can be created either in the root of the database or as part of an existing category or branch category.

Select ‘+ Create Equipment/Software’, complete Details then Select Create

Managing a Category

Click the 3 dots to Edit or Delete a Category

Managing an Equipment / Software

Navigate to a Category the equipment / software belongs to if it is not stored on the root.

Alternatively every equipment or software item can also be found through the search bar at the top of the page.

Select the 3 dots to Edit or Delete an Equipment / Software.

Edit Overview, select image that presents the asset and then select Update

Managing Inventory Items / Licences

Select the Equipment / Software record to Edit

Select Inventory / Licence

Select Create Item / Licence, complete Details then select Create

Edit an Inventory Item / Licence

Select the Item / Licence to Edit then update Details and select Update

Delete an Inventory Item / Licence

You won't be able to Delete an Item / Licence if it is being used in a project record. Remove any associations with an inventory item / license first before deletion.

Select an Item / Licence, select Delete Item / Licence then Confirm

How to create a Reminder

Multiple reminders can be set for each Inventory Item / License to control your asset register. Each reminder is set against up to two due dates.

Select an Item / Licence, select Create Reminder

You can add multiple reminders to one inventory item.

Complete Reminder Details and date(s)

Equipment / Software Files

Documents related to each equipment / Software item can be accessed through the record. You must be connected to MS365 or Google Workspace to access your files.

Select an Equipment / Software then select Files

Select Create File for a newly created file using a document template available on Proteus.

If required within the files section of each asset a folder structure can be created.

Select Upload File, choose File then select Upload.

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