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Managing Contracts Database
Managing Contracts Database

Setup and maintain client contracts and internal agreed charge out rates using rate tables including terms and conditions

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How to create a Contract

Navigate to Contracts

Click ‘Create Contract’ and Input details then Click Create

Click the 3 dots of a Contract to Edit, Clone or Delete. You can also Add to dashboard

Review T&Cs

This section is optional and is not required to complete the Contract

Click the Marker Icon next to Terms & Markups, Fill in the details then save

‘Payment terms’ pull into the invoice template and calculate the due date.

‘Payment terms’ are defined in the Admin Console, however if new terms are written here they will supersede the Admin Console terms ‘Markup on’ don't pull anywhere in proteus - these are just here as internal guidelines

Create Labour Rates

Select Labour Rates then Create Rate Table

Fill in the details

Select Rate Table type then create

  • Rate type - the unit you want to appear on proposal, track resource progress and invoice in.

  • Timesheet unit - the increments people can book their time in tracking.

  • Table type - 3 different types; Default (as shown below), Named rate table and Client alias.

Default Rate Table

You can have multiple Rate Tables for one Contract, allowing for different charge-out rates

Populate the charge out matrix with required rates for this contract then Click Update

Named Rate Table

Select 'Add Named Rate'

Select the team member resource

Enter new sell rate and client category then update

Client Alias Rate Table

Select 'Add Client Alias Rate'

Select the DDG rate

Enter the new sell rate, client alias and code then Update

How to edit, clone or delete a rate table

Click the 3 dots to Edit, Clone or Delete

Create Software / Equipment Rates

Select Software / Equipment Rates

Click Create Rate Table, Fill in the Details then Create

Populate the charge out matrix with required rates for this contract then Click Update

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